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Where to Find Us:

Blue Zebra Productions
4775 W Panther Creek Dr
Spring, TX 77381

Phone: +1 225 9393610

Mission Statement


Blue Zebra Productions  is committed to offering the community a wide variety of cultural, informative and fun events.  These events include providing opportunities for local and international authors and speakers to make presentations; offering lectures, workshops and conferences on a variety of topics and issues in both English and Spanish; helping local businesses with marketing strategies; and hosting an annual Christmas Expo that can be enjoyed by everyone.


By offering these community events, Blue Zebra creates a "win win" for all who utilize Blue Zebra's services.  Authors and local businesses and vendors have a direct and meaningful way to meet the community, and the community is given an opportunity to learn more about them in return.


Blue Zebra strongly believes in giving back to the community from which it receives so much support.  The annual Christmas Expo provides a wonderful opportunity for Blue Zebra to give thanks and a little more back to the community.  The Christmas Expo is an event where children can meet Santa Claus and have fun by jumping on a Moonwalk, riding a train, having their faces painted, or just enjoying some great holiday treats.  Best of all, admission and most of the events offered at the Expo are free to everyone who attends.  The Expo also encourages various local businesses and vendors to participate by offering their own goods or services at the Expo.  A large portion of the proceeds received by businesses and vendors at the Expo are donated to a local organization that makes a difference in the community.   This year, proceeds will be donated to "Big Little JC," an organization that provides valuable support to children with special needs and their families.


Blue Zebra welcomes all businesses and organizations, and is open to everyone regardless of religious or political beliefs.  Blue Zebra's primary value is "love," and the desire to give back to the community.